Trading Technology

Trading Technology – traders global group’s exclusive trading technology has evolved to provide durable and dependable risk management devices that have a fine-tuned concentrate on maximum risk management and promotion of success.

Our breadth of solutions are designed by risk management experts with completion user as the primary focus. Following strict regulations and conformity, our aim is to ensure the security of our customers where our solutions are provided. It is the mix of our expert knowledge and remarkable group that provides a firm structure for the gold standard in risk management outsourcing solutions.


With our FIX API service, customers can connect straight to their brokerage, production it simple and easy to expand your own customer base.

Trading Technology

Trading Technology


Ending up being a liquidity provider doesn’t need to be an inconvenience – when you take advantage of our devices, you can profession straight with your institutional customers FIX API. Orders can be reserved and maintained in a way that ensures maximum success for your brokerage.


You can approve FIX API flow from any FIX engine, as well as offer FIX API trading to customers through any connect or trading application.


As a conventional retail broker, you can enter the institutional space without the help of additional systems, Trading Technology.

MT4/MT5 Connect

When you companion with us, you can enjoy our innovative software, designed by our internal risk supervisors, which connects brokers straight to the liquidity service companies of their choice. This allows brokers to tailor their publications of business to balance success and risk.


Risk management is all about the little information. We understand needing to restart web servers or modify customer teams can be an inconvenience. That is why our first-rate functionality and versatility provides you with the devices to manage and change any cover and hedge setups in real-time – no hassle necessary.

Orders can be managed based upon several criteria, consisting of account or team, time of day, symbol, purchase dimension, account balance, take advantage of, customer purchase remark, and more.

Plus, you can also personalize pricing within the connect – for the easy management and control of liquidity provider directing, markups and minutes/max spreads out.


The key to risk reduction remains in decreasing the variety of market-making plugins on your web server. This gets rid of the technology risk associated with operating several concurrent rules, with the included bonus of getting rid of nonessential costs.

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