Show Critique 24-11-2013

Judges Report

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of South Wales

Championship Show, Neath sports Centre, West Glamorgan

Sunday 24 th November 2013


My thanks go to the Officers and committee for the warm hospitality shown to Linda, my youngest Grandson, and myself throughout the day. Also may I take this opportunity to thank my two ring Stewards, Mr Mark Davies and Mr Craig Scanlon who kept things running efficiently through the day. My thanks is also sincerely  extended to All exhibitors, and spectators, to the many overseas exhibitors who had supported the Club, I thank you for presenting your dogs for my opinion.

In total agreement with my Co-Judge Mr Andy Jones on B.I.S , R.B.I.S. B.P.I.S. and B.V.I.S.


Veteran Dog. (6) 4 abs.

!st Davies & Mace; Ch/Slov/World/Int CH Stormbull Solo JW  Bl/br in such fabulous condition for his 9 years, belittles his age Strong head, typical breed expression, neat ears, good mouth, moved well both ways expertly handled, pleased to award R.C.C. Reserve Best in Show ,Best Veteran in Show. Congratulations and credit to owners for keeping him in such condition.

2nd . Antonio’s Blaze yer Lad at Antoniostaff  sound  Bl/br  strong head correct mouth good rib strong rear quarters shown in good condition sound movement and handled well.


M.P.Dog. (7) -1abs

1st Humphries- Ballindona  Bruichladdich at Siamstaff Bl/br  pleasing head shape, neat ears, correct bite, straight front , rear hindquarters Ok moved well

2nd Davies – Ginstean Man of God. Bl/br lovely head shape, neat ears, good mouth , nice bodied youngster, when he did settle he moved well.

3rd.Bedfords- Smokemont Back to Black, upstanding Bl/br carries all the same attributes of 1 & 2 very little to separate.


P.D. (7)-2abs

1st –Hopgoods-Mystricbulls Storm Trooper of Antroboos- lots to like about this Bl/br lovely head shape, neat ears with good expression, correct mouth, front and rear quarters good, short coupled ,neat whip tail moved well-handled expertly. B.P.D.

2nd –Memburys- Mitzstaff Crazy Cuz, Bl/br another with lovely head shape and great expression, neat ears,correct bite, straight front,well-padded feet, a little unsettled on the move.

3rd.Davies –  Ginstean Man of God.


J.D. ( 14 )-1abs

1st Stone & Brutons ;  Zackstaff Rumour Has It Bl/br in prime condition, strong head well placed ears and eyes, strong muzzle and correct bite giving typical alert expression, straight front  up on his toes ,good rib, strong rear quarters ,level topline moved with ease both ways strong contender today for top spot.

2nd Thomas’s – Samtan Black Justice Bl/br possessing strong head ,neat ear carriage good mouth, straight front solid in body, well-muscled hindquarters sound in movement .

3rd Ree’s ;Caymenstaffs Carlos Way,Bl/br in good fit condition, another with good head, strong foreface, correct bite,strong hind quarters, good movement .handled well.


Y.D. (9)-1abs

1st Thomas’s –Samtan Black Justice

2nd Beeby & Watson – Geordiestaff Dynamo Dexter  Bl/br /white flash good head shape,dark eye,neat ears ,good mouth, straight front , strong quarters ,moved soundly  close decision .

3rd Mckimm . Fergiestaffs  Olympic Flame.


M.D (7) 1abs

1st Membury’s –Mitzstaff Crazy Cuz

2nd – Davies – Ginstean Man of God

3rd –Tittley’s- Willowstaff Nats my Daddy at Garwstaff.


N.D (8) 4abs

1st Membury’s – Mitzstaff Union Jack Bl/br with great head shape ,dark eye ,neat eyes giving typical expression,good stop correct mouth,straight front short coupled strong hindquarters , well bodied moved well.

2nd Davies’s- Ginstean Man of God

Tittley’s – Willowstaff Nats my Daddy at Garwstaff.


G.D.(12 ) 5abs.

1st Thomas’s- Samtan Black Justice.

2nd – Cope’s Eclypstaff Fast N Furious  well put together Bl/br with strong head, neat ear set,correct mouth, good front well ribbed,short coupled strong hindquarters moved and shown well,

3rd Hammonds – Hammystaff Fire Starter.


P.G.D. (13) 3abs

1st Monestina’s Itcheboren Night Fury Dustblaze ( Atc AP00865ESP) Bl/br real eye catcher lovely head shape deep through skull, neat ear carriage dark eye giving typical expression, straight front good shoulder placement,short coupled, level topline strong well-muscled quarters neat whip tail, another strong contender today predict a good future , shown and handled well.

2nd Romjin’s.- Aldgilles They Stood up for Love ( Atc AP00130NLD) Bl/br upstanding dog in excellent well-muscled condition, good head dark eye, neat ears , correct mouth, straight front, defined waistline moved well, nice dog

3rd Rault’s – Staffantics Falcon Air Force One (Atc AM01547 FRA) trio of nice dogs


L.D. ( 20) 1 abs. Excellent class with many quality exhibits going cardless, All placing’s contested down to a fine line.

1st Stanway’s Waystaff Diggers Double, top sized fawn, lovely head shape neat ears, correct mouth ,straight front , well padded feet short coupled well-muscled hindquarters, level topline neat whip tail, moved with purpose and drive,in superb fit condition.

2nd Stanway’s –Waystaff What a Cracker, aptly named( a cracker he is ) br/white dog  with plenty of ring presence another you have to put your hands on to appreciate his virtues, another in superb condition credit to owner.

3rd.- Julien’s – Good one Cyril Des Terres D’Armor ( Atc AP00773 FRA ) trio of excellent dogs.


O.D ( 23) 3 abs

Another class of Quality dogs

1st Marachowska and Marachowski.- Ch Kalhols Black Magic at Passernomen.Bl/br the star of the show for me, super condition that shows no exaggerations, deep through skull, strong fore face, neat rose ears , good eye placement &dark eye, correct bite .straight front,  good depth of brisket, short coupled, well-muscled hind quarters, good bend of stifle, good tail set ,neat whip tail, moved with purpose and drive. Pleased to award C.C. and in agreement with my co-judge Mr Andy Jones . Best in Show.

2nd Thomson’s Kiamirose Bossin Motion at Siriustaff Sh.C.M. Bl/Br  another that needs to have hands on to appreciate his virtues, carries many of the winners virtues , well done.

3rd Cartwright’s Ch Zakstaff Game On.

Judge. Dave Lee