Show Critique 23-08-2015 Dogs



Thank you to the officers and committee of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of South Wales for giving me the opportunity to judge dogs at this show. I thoroughly enjoyed my day. My thanks also go to the exhibitors who brought along their dogs for my opinion and although there were a lot of absentees it was my privilege to have such good ones to go over.

VETERAN DOG (10, 9a)

  1. Russell’s MR JACK OBEE BOY JW ShCM Black brindle dog of 8 years old. This lad has been there done it and got the T shirt. He knew exactly what was expected of him and showed off accordingly. Lovely head piece, dark, round eye and still has all his teeth housed in powerful jaws with the required cheek bumps. Has a nice straight front, dark nails and neat feet, good spring of rib and still in very good condition. Moved well with a level topline.


  1. Ree’s EDGEWORTH ARTURO Black brindle puppy with a white chest of just 6 months old. Everything a baby should be at this stage in his development. A lovely head with good stop, dark eyes and correct dentition and nice ear carriage. Good front, neat feet, enough rib and rear and moved true with a level topline. Just lost out for BPD on his immaturity, but such a lot to like.

PUPPY DOG (2, 1a)

  1. Rowe & South’s ILLORI AKINLANA Black brindle dog just under a year old. Clean head with dark, round eyes, good dentition and correct ear placement. Good front and tuck up. Enough rib and depth of brisket for age. Pump handle tail. Good backend with correct angulation and moved well. Shown with gleaming coat condition. BPD.

JUNIOR DOG (5, 2a)

  1. Thomas’ CAZOMIC CRIME FIGHTER Red with black mask. Strong head with good stop, dark, round eye and correct dentition housed in a powerful jaw. Powerfully constructed, with straight front and good strong quarters. Good tuck up and spring of rib, tight feet and plenty of bone. He’s a handful but moved well when asked holding a level topline. Shown in hard condition with a tight fitting jacket and correct tail carriage. I was pleased to see later that today’s win gained him his JW which is so well deserved in my opinion.
  2. Davies’ BRAUNSTAFF FROM HASBURY Dark brindle of obvious quality. Slightly smaller in stature to 1. Nevertheless a nice junior dog with lovely headpiece, piercing dark eyes and correct dentition. Good depth of brisket, good rear end and tail carriage. Moved true, holding a level topline with drive. Just lost out to 1. on the first class condition of him.
  3. Rowe & South’s ILLORI AKINLANA (1st PD)

MAIDEN DOG (2, 1a)

  1. Smith’s THE WHITE WIZARD OF PELENNASTAFF Red & white pied dog with a lot of exuberance. He gave his handler a real workout. Powerfully built dog with strong head and powerful jaws with the required cheek bumps. Dark, round eyes and neat ears. Good front, depth of brisket and spring of rib, shown in great condition. Moved Ok when he finally settled. He certainly had the required good temperament in abundance.


  1. Lance & Hutchings’ BULLHAWK HEZ THE ONE Standard black brindle dog with white chest. This dog has a classic head, lovely stop, dark eyes and neat ear carriage. Good dentition and clean muzzle with the required cheek bumps. Good depth of brisket and well sprung ribs. Correct rear angulation and set off nicely with a pump handle tail. Moved well holding a level topline.
  2. Howell’s MAGICAL MERCURY Red and white pied with the darkest of eyes and good pigmentation. Once again, a true Stafford head. Good spring of rib and depth to brisket. Shown in rock hard condition with a great rear end and tuck up. He lacked a bit of animation today and I just preferred the movement of my winner.


  1. Whitley’s GINSTEAN BLACK BOMBER Black brindle with a very clean head and good eye shape. Correct dentition and neat ear carriage. Everything about this dog is neat and standard. Both his front and rear construction are correct and he has the required tail carriage. He moved well holding his topline level.
  2. Lewis’ KENTSTARS APOLLO black brindle with all the attributes of 1. He has good depth to his brisket and moved well with drive. I just preferred the overall expression of my winner.
  4. Booth & Grimwood’s RAMBLESTAFF JUST LIKE EDDY

LIMIT DOG (5, 3a)

  1. Payton’s TONPAY BARMY ARMY JW Black brindle who is so fit and was shown in gleaming condition. The fitness and muscle tone on this dog is such a credit to his owners. Although everything about this boy is powerfully built he has clean lines and a lovely head piece with dark eyes, and a strong muzzle with correct dentition and the desired cheek bumps. A powerful neck which flows into correct shoulder placement, good spring of rib and a muscular backend along with his tight fitting jacket complete the picture. He moved extremely well.
  2. Cope’s ECLYPSTAFF FAST N’ FURIOUS Black brindle with a white chest. A nice head and good expression. Dark eyes and neat rose ears. Good depth of brisket, spring of rib and rear end. He moved well. Another quality exhibit I just preferred the fitness level of no. 1.

OPEN DOG (8, 2a)

  1. Butler’s RAMBLESTAFF COS I COULD Black brindle dog with a white chest and front paws. This dog is a live wire and has the most beautiful head and expression – chiselled and clean with a pronounced stop he could not be mistaken for anything but a male in his prime. Dark round eyes and a strong muzzle housing a perfect scissor bite and neat ears complete the picture. He has the correct angulation both fore and aft being short coupled and powerful and the bonus of being shown in a gleaming condition. He moved well today with drive once settled and held a level topline. I loved his vitality and was pleased to award him BD. In the challenge for BIS this lad could not be denied as he positively bullies you into looking at him at every opportunity with his animation and expression. So in agreement with my co judge, Imogen Gough, we were pleased to declare him BIS. Well done.
  2. Fulford’s ELITEBULLS HEARTBREAKER FOR REGALBULL JW ShCM Another quality black brindle dog. At first glance I thought this lad would not be enough for me, how wrong I was. When I actually went over him, there is a lot of dog under his shiney coat. He is standard, fit and muscular. A lovely chiselled head, good stop, dark eye and neat ears. A clean muzzle houses perfect white teeth. He has neat feet, a good front, well sprung ribs and a strong rear with correct tail carriage. This dog moved lovely with a bang level topline. He was unfortunate to meet my winner today as he is such a nice exhibit, but I had no hesitation in awarding him RBD and on agreement with my co judge we were pleased to award him RBIS. Well done.


Alison Hinsley (Judge)