Show Critique 13-04-2014 Dogs

Judges Critique Dogs, Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of South Wales. 13/04/2014
Hugh Jordan, (Miculadh)

It was a great honour and pleasure to judge at this show. Many thanks to my Hosts the Scanlan family for their hospitality over the weekend.

Well run and friendly show with sporting exhibitors.

Not a Staffordshire Specialist so I hope my placing of the dogs gave my insight in to the breed. I found most dogs in good hard condition and dentition was of a high standard as befits a terrier. One or two tight fitting canines and a few dogs I would like to have placed higher but they seemed to have lost the fight with one to many hard objects.
No easy class winners and I could have changed my mind in a “heart beat”.
Veteran Dog 1st and BV in Show 
Mr Jack Obee Boy JW ScCM
Nice condition for age, Decent Head and ears, correct mouth, good front, compact body well ribbed, moved well. A credit to owner.
Minor Puppy Dog
1st  Caymenstaff One in a Million 
Good head, correct mouth. Neck and shoulders and front correct. Good rear angulation and moved well.
2nd Jewelstaff Rockabilly Boy
An attractive puppy who could improve with age.
Neat head, good mouth, a little over angulated for me in the rear.
He needs more composure to show off his attributes.
3rd Samtan Simba’s Legacy.
Puppy Dog
1st  and Best Puppy in Show
Manark Fast and Furious
Great Puppy.Liked his head, correct mouth.
Good body, well ribbed, compact with definition in loin to nice rear, moved well.
2nd Caymenstaff One in a Million
Good head, Correct Mouth, Neck and shoulders and front correct.
good rear angulation and moved well.
3rd Ramblestaff super Hero
Res Quantumblues Steel Titan
Junior Dog
1st Ginstean Black Bomber
Nice headed dog, Correct mouth, Compact Body,
Well Ribbed, Good angulation, moved well.
2nd Mitzstaff Crazy Cuz
Neat Head, Correct Mouth, good shoulders, Sound front, compact, good angulation, moved well.
3rd Stormfire Billy Boy at Jodanac
Res Afanstaf Magnus Magic at Starstaff.
Vhc Ginstean Man of Good.
Maiden Dog
1st Mitzstaff Union Jack 
Attractive headed dog with good front, compact body well ribbed, good angulation moved well.
2nd Ginstean Black Bomber
Nice head, Compact body good angulation moved well.
3rd Dominostaffs the legend
Res Quantumblues Steel Titan
Novice Dog
1st Mitzstaff union Jack
2nd Ginstean Black Bomber
3rd Ginstean Man of Good
Res Quantumblues Steel Titan
Post Graduate Dog
1st Welshstaff Abracadabra, Best opposite, Reserve Best in show
Nice head, Correct mouth,
Neck blending nicely into shoulders.
Compact body Good rib, Good definition to loin,
Pleasing topline, Moved well.
2nd Eclypstaff Fast and Furious
Decent head, Compact Body, Good rib, Moved well.

3rd Siamstaffs New Moon at Druidhawk
Res Connors Little Prince
VHC Dominionstaff the Legend

Limit Dog
1st Limekiln Gladiator
Good Head, Good Mouth, Well Ribbed into good loin, good turn of Stifle and moved well 

2nd Elitebulls Heart Breaker for Regalbuls
Pleasing head, Compact, Good loin nice angulation and moved well.

3rd Aboriginal Boomerang Boy of Calavey
Res Charmonics Ready to Rumble
VHC Connor’s Little Prince
Open Dog
1st Ch Charmonics Regal Lad, Reserve Best Dog
Nice dog , Strong front, well ribbed Short coupled, good angulation
Moved well. Nothing between him and best dog.
2nd Mitzstaff Fun to Flex
Good head , Well ribbed body Short coupled nice topline and moved well.
3rd Ch Eclypstaff Cuz I Can
Res Limekiln Gladiator
VHC Sikaistaff The Dark Knight