Show Critique 07-04-2013 Dogs

Dog Judge Mr Karl R Karlsson (Jewelstaff)

I would like to thank the committee for a wonderful day and making me feel so welcome, and also to everyone who entered under me on the day thank you. I was over the moon with my final line up of dogs. Overall quality of the exhibits was very good which made my decisions for top honours that much harder.

Veteran Dog 4/3ad

1st Tooze Starstaff Razor Boy, grand old boy of ten, black with some white, strong head of depth, good ear, eye, mouth. Well boned front with good feet, level topline, well spurn rip, sound back end, moved well.

Minor Puppy Dog 2


1st Fulford Elitebulls heartbreaker for Regalbull, still very much a puppy, but has a lot of promise, black bark round eye, nice rose ears, strong stop, good mouth, clean flews, level topline with a nice width to the rid, moved well.

2nd Williams Tyson boy blue, blue puppy with strong head, good ear, eye and bite. Sound front, level topline, well sprung rib, well angled backend. Could do with some ring craft.

Puppy Dog 6/ad1


1st Thomas Samtan black justice, stunning top size black pup, dark round eye, neat ear, head of pleasing proportions with a clean bite nice. Nice length of neck flowing into well angled shoulders, ample boned for one his age, up on his passterns, level topline, well sprung rip, good bend of stifle, neat pump handed tail. Moved well.

Best puppy dog and with my co judge Best puppy in show, well done.

2nd Yarham Engladian oughttabefamous. Black dog, good ear, eye and mouth, correct lay of shoulder, plenty of bone, good width to rib, good bend of stifle.

3rd Poole Sikaistaff dark warrior.

Junior Dog 6


1st Owen Chezatree sonny boy, black brindle with flashy markings, stunning head of pleasing dimentions, strong under jaw with clean flews. Dark round eyes, neat rose ears and correct bite, straight front with good width of chest, nice body shape, short in couplings, well angled rear-end, moved well, I did give him a good look for top honours but would like to see just a little more maturity.

2nd Pool dark warrior 3rd in puppy, black dog who looked more at home is this class  puppy, classic head with good eye, ear and mouth. Well boned front, with nice width of brisket, good topline and rib, sound rear, moved well.

3rd Molineux & Hawkes Siamstaffs new moon.

Maiden Dog 3


1st Tittley & Bosanko Garwstaff totem cariad, black brindle with flashy markings. Keen expression, clean scissor bite, neat ears, and dark eye, nice in profile, deep ribs, good angulation front and rear, could do with a little more ring confidence.

2nd Cook Hustler to hustle. Black with some white, strong head of pleasing proportions, correct bite, dark eye, rose ears, nice depth to brisket, straight front with ample bone, well sprung ribs, good topline and satisfactory rear angulation.

3rd Kenni blue eyes.

Novice Dog 5/ad1

1st Fulford Elitebulls heartbreaker for Regalbull. 1 in minor puppy dog.

2nd Cramer Staffstyle you got the love, white dog, clean scissor bite, neat ears, and dark eye, nice in profile, deep ribs, good angulation front and rear.

3rd Cook Hustler to Hustle.

Post Graduate Dog 5


1st Goddard Kernewekglas Fellowship Good quality short coupled dark brindle dog with white markings, very nice head shape, dark round eye, scissor bite, deep stop, strong fore face, nice deep brisket with plenty of rib, good layback of shoulder, level topline on and off the move, with a good strong backend. He had lots of ring presence, which gave him the class. Res. Best dog and with my co judge Res. Best in show well done.

2nd Mountstaff the progical son for Hanokestaff. Good ear, eye, mouth, clean flews, strong stop. Good lay of shoulder with a sound front, tucked up in the loin, strong backend, well-muscled thigh.

3rd Cope Eclypstaff fast n furious.

Limit Dog 3


1st Lewis Charmonics regal lad JW, Black brindle dog with white markings, what a cracker, he showed spark in the ring and I could not take my eyes off him, stunning head, strong stop with nice length of foreface, dark round eyes, correct bite with big teeth, nice length of neck leading into straight front, level topline, well tucked up in the loin, fit and hard backend, moved out well with drive. Best dog, and with my co judge Best in show, well done.

2nd Gabardi Cortes Stormfire London pride, red with white, another stunner, and unluckily to meet 1, lovely head shape, dark eye and rose ears, strong stop, with a good mouth and clean flews. Level top line with a nice width to the rib, excellent coat, moved out well.

3rd Cook Hustler to hustle.

Open Dog 6/2ad


1st Davies Eclypstaff cuz I can, this boy did surprise me, top quality black dog white markings. Excellent headpiece with a stunning expression, good ear, eye and mouth. Correct lay of shoulder, plenty of bone. Good width to rib, good bend of stifle, and was in my sight for top honours.

2nd Steven Williams Charmonics Ready to Rumble, judged him when he was a puppy some time ago, black with white, excellent clean headpiece, good eye, ear and mouth,  Straight front, ample bone, up on pasterns, tight feet. Level topline, nice width to the rib, well tucked up in the loin, sound back end, stood four square.

3rd Hyde Sedgebred black diamond.