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SBT Breed Council of GB & N.I
The SBT Parent Club
The Potteries SBT Club
The North East SBT Club
The Northern Counties SBT Club
The Southern Counties SBT Society
The East Anglian SBT Club
The Downlands SBT Club
The East Midlands SBT Club
The North West SBT Club
The Merseyside SBT Club
The Western SBT Society
The Northern Ireland SBT Club
The KZN SBT Club (South Africa)

SBTCSW members sites.

Countrylodge S.B.T.
Megastelle SBT
Megalito SBT
Maxsta SBT
Caymenstaffs SBT
Cazomic SBT
Sue’s Staffs
Kobellie SBT
Penshannel SBT

Other sites of interest.

The Kennel Club
The AHT Website
Clever Staffordshire Bull Terriers
Staffords UK
Stafford Chronicles
The Stafford Book
The SBT Annual
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Fun
Bull Breeds Online Forum
Clare’s SBT Site
Gwent SBT Ringcraft Society
Simply Staffies Online Forum http://SimplyStaffords/index.php?
AE Collars